Industrial Design Services

Why should you obtain industrial design rights?

Industrial design protects how something looks. In other words, it protects a product's unique appearance. It does not protect what the product is made of, or how the product is made or how it works.

​Industrial designs can be found everywhere, such as the unique contour of a desk lamp, the graphical user interface on a smartphone or the specific shape or pattern of your favourite handbag. Industrial design could also be useful when it is difficult for you to obtain patent for your invention.

If you believer that your design is unique and it is commercially beneficial to the success of the product, please contact us for a free and confidential consultation.

We have years of experience helping clients protecting designs globally. We provide direct filing and prosecution services in Canada and the United States (for Canadian applicants). Working with our foreign associates, we can arrange and supervise the application and prosecution of your industrial design around the world.

The process for obtaining industrial design rights (design patents in the Unites States) is similar to the process for obtaining patents. We provide services that are related to industrial designs similar to our patent services. However, the industrial design application process is usually cheaper because it takes much less time to prepare an industrial design application than to prepare a patent application. 

Some of the industrial design services we provide include:

  • Obtaining Industrial Design Rights

  • Industrial Design Search and Opinion

  • Industrial Design Enforcement

Obtaining Industrial Design Rights

To apply for industrial design right in Canada, you will need to provide the following information:

  • your name and postal address;

  • name of the finished article; and

  • representation of a design in drawings or photographs.


Optionally, we recommend you provide the following information:

  • a brief statement describing the representation or features of the design; and

  • a figure reference specifying which view a figure represents.

Industrial Design Search and Opinion

We help you search industrial designs, which provides the basis for application and opinions. On the basis of the search results, we can provide freedom to operate opinions to help you assess the risk of infringing other parties' rights. We can also provide you invalidity opinions regarding your or your competitors' industrial designs.

Industrial Design Enforcement

We can provide you with infringement opinions if you suspect someone is infringing your industrial design rights. We can also prepare or respond to cease and desist letters alleging infringement.