Why hire a patent professional?


Applying for a patent can be an expensive process. Many inventors think that they can reduce the costs by drafting and applying for a patent by themselves.


Patent application involves many complicated legal issues and procedures. A patent professional can help the inventor discover the point of invention and draft a patent application that fully protects the invention. Although patent professionals are not magic workers and cannot guarantee that a patent can be granted, but they can help you increase the chance that a patent can be granted. For a discussion of some of the services a patent professional provides, please click here. On the other hand, if the inventor is not knowledgeable in the patent law and practice, handling patent applications can be an expensive mistake and will be hard to rectify if at all.


One common mistake of patent applications drafted by inventors themselves is that the patent application simply describes the invention exactly as the inventor practices, and the claims only protect the exact invention as practiced, thus making it easy for other parties to avoid infringing the patent. In my years of experience, I have seen plenty of patent applications that fail to adequate protect the inventions because the inventors did not draft the patent application to satisfy the legal requirements. Many times, I have been asked to help an inventor to respond to an Office Action. However, because there were very limited opportunities to add information to the patent applications, what was salvaged was much less than the inventor was entitled to based on the inventions.


In addition, there are many due dates in the patent application process. Patent professionals will keep a close watch so that the due dates will not be missed. It may not be worth the time for the inventor to spend the time and energy to keep track of the various due dates.

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